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My impressions of the Madoka dub

So, I installed this Hotspot Shield app to allow me to watch region-blocked YouTube videos and checked out the Puella Magi Madoka Magica dub voice reels. I have to say, I am impressed. I might actually buy this when I’m in NYC… even though I have yet to find a means of playing it.

Anyways, let’s start with the brilliant ones. Sayaka and Kyouko are amazing. Sarah Williams sounds exactly like Eri Kitamura speaking English and to top it all off, she’s the coolest voice actress of the bunch as well. Lauren Landa absolutely nails Kyouko, giving her the same bratty, posh voice and even doing the eating sound effects all by herself -I laughed. In a way, I think she even tops Ai Nonaka, who sometimes sounded a bit too nasal in my opinion.

Cassandra Lee I already adored as Ritsu in the K-ON! dub, but she rocks as Kyubey, using the same cute, boyish, yet slightly creepy voice as Emiri Katou. I don’t get the astonishingly overwrought despair and hysteria over Mami either, because she sounds pretty good. Unlike Williams, Landa and Lee, Carrie Keranen doesn’t try to channel Kaori Mizuhashi, but her interpretation of Mami hits home just as well. I really don’t see the problem, and no, she doesn’t sound like an old lady.

The ones I was least impressed by are Madoka and HOEMOORA. Madoka sounded just like she had to, but I sometimes felt as if Christine Marie Cabanos overacted some of her lines and she missed the distinctive cute flair Yuki Aoi gave Madoka. During quiet moments, she sounds great, though. HOEMOORA is… well, for starters, I think we can’t judge HOEMOORA just yet. We’ve only seen parts of her silent badass monotone persona (or as Squishy put it, female Solid Snake), and that is not the voice on which we should judge her. Nevertheless, Vee’s delivery of HOEMOORA’s warning in episode 1 made me chuckle a bit. That’s not supposed to happen. Too bad, though. I like Christina Vee.

Overall, though, I think this dub will probably lead to me watching Madoka Magica again. Great job, guys.

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  1. dragonzigg said: Re: playing it, if you’re going to go for the HD option the blurays are region free so they’ll work in European players.
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